About Us

Fleetwood Finance Leasing LLC provides equipment financing to clients all across the country. Our specialties include leasing to the healthcare industry as well as to state and local governments and we have had thousands of deals on our books for amounts ranging from a few thousand dollars up to several million dollars.

Fleetwood has been in the leasing business for over 30 years and we have a great amount of experience in what we do. We have leased call-recording equipment, computers, dictation equipment, medical software & devices, phone systems, security cameras, and much more to customers small and large throughout the United States.

Leasing is a great tool for your sales force to use in order to close a deal. We can tailor a lease to meet virtually any customer’s needs and we offer unique options such as deferred payment plans and step leases to help get around budgetary constraints that they may have. It is much easier to sell an annual or monthly lease payment than it is to sell an entire system. In addition, we can include maintenance for the entire term of the lease along with the system and present it to the customer as one, bundled payment to satisfy all of their requirements.

Fleetwood’s number one focus is on quick and reliable service because we want to ensure customer satisfaction. We have many long-standing relationships with both our vendors and lessees and we pride ourselves on that.

We look forward to working with you!